Surviving isolation and controlling depression is one of the biggest challenges in life today.
In this project, I decided to find a solution to the efficiency of easy access to mental and social health services after the Corona pandemic.


The experience of sadness, loss and loneliness is an integral part of our lives, everyone has to deal with it at some point. Coinciding with the coronavirus epidemic, psychological damage has increased at an unprecedented rate.
Lack of easy access to nursing services and mental and social health causes greater problems at the macro levels of individual and social life.
During my research, I tried to focus on improving the overall user experience of using mental health promotion services. An issue that bothers many is their lack of service focus and poor information.
Therefore, my goal is to find a solution to improve the service process and the efficiency of service institutions and collections in this area.




All required services; In one place.
AFTERCO focuses all the services and collections that a person may need in the event of an injury into one application. AFTERCO’s main goal is to make the whole crisis experience as efficient and easy as possible.

Clean & Minimalist Design

The color palette has been selected according to the project performance and emphasis on the concepts of health, relaxation and vitality.
Elements and images in harmony with the color palette and in accordance with the basic concepts have been used and an attempt has been made not to include additional decorations in the design.

I'm a product designer with experience in delivering end-to-end UX/UI design for software products. I'm passionate about improving the lives of others through design and am constantly looking to learn new things everyday.
Mahi Mirak
Product Designer